Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund
January 2022 -
  • Project management


The location of the Sovjak pit was identified in the Waste Management Strategy of the Republic of Croatia from 2005 and the new Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 (hereinafter OPCC) as a black spot. Since in the first years of operation the pit was used exclusively for the disposal of acid tar and later waste sludge from refinery tanks, marine waste, etc., it was concluded that the site can be marked as a point of danger to the environment and human health - black status The municipality of Viškovo is the owner of the cadastral parcel (cadastral plot no. 4457) on which the pit is located, and the state is responsible for the remediation of the Sovjak cave. Therefore, in accordance with the valid Environmental Protection Act (OG 80/13, 153/13, 78/15, 12/18, 118/18) and the valid Waste Management Act (OG 94/13, 73/17, 14/19, 98/19 hereinafter referred to as ZOGO) NN hereinafter referred to as ZOGO), the State has become responsible for the remediation of the Sovjak pit, ie the responsibility for the remediation of the Sovjak pit has been delegated to the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. Our company performs the role of project management.

The total value of the Project amounts to HRK 377,168,323.60. The share of co-financing of eligible costs from the Cohesion Fund is 85.00%, i.e. the grant amounts to HRK 320,593,075.06.