We are a group of accredited engineers, project managers and technicians from Croatia and nearby countries with experience in construction business of over 20 years in Europe and 5 years in the region of Middle East. In our work we have pursued numerous projects in all its stages; from the feasibility study stage to the Taking over stage, in the role of the Contractor or the supervision consultant, designing consultant or the Investor.

In the past we were engaged in various construction and consultancy companies playing significant part in their development and, in the same time, gaining our own extensive experience.

Having recognized the time of the Republic of Croatia’s accession to European Union as the breaking point and the new challenge, we made a decision to establish our own company with the general idea of utilizing our expertise to wide range of clients who wish to bring their infrastructural or any other construction project to the successful end with as fewer problems possible, administration standstills, organizational difficulties etc. and within the scheduled time frame and budget.


In the upcoming period Company will continue to strengthen its market position through its growth and development and through effective management of human resources in order to ensure the quality provision of technical consulting services.


The mission of the Company in the next ten years is to become a leader in providing consulting services in construction industry. To continue to employ highly educated engineering staff, strengthen its presence in infrastructure projects and public and social buildings in order to provide to its clients security and trust in the tasks of professional construction supervision and construction project management through socially responsible business.

Company policy

Quality, environmental and health and safety management policy of the Company is based on the orientation towards all our Clients by providing services based on many years of proven experience with the application of best practices and expertise in full compliance with the relevant legislation and requirements of the Client.

Strengthening our competitiveness, and thus the competitiveness of our Clients, we achieve:

  1. By applying the Integrated Management System according to the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 taking into account the risks related to business, environment, health and safety at work.
  2. Consistent compliance with legal regulations and other business binding requirements while reducing the consumption of natural resources and ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.
  3. Objectives of the Company set according to:
    • Recognizability of the Company with the Client and the wider community related to the highest quality standards of service,
    • Improved communication and upgrading of business relations with stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers and the community we work within,
    • Satisfaction of our employees,
    • Continuous professional training and maintaining the excellence of all employees,
    • Procuring the most modern IT resources, equipment and infrastructure for a safe and comfortable working environment,
    • Recognizing and mitigating safety risks of the working environment and health without injuries at work or occupational diseases,
    • Responsible management of natural resources and care for the environment.
  4. By implementing a planned, documented, supervised and financially justified system aimed at achieving the general objectives and policies set out here.