July 2022 -
  • Project management


When the thorough reconstruction of the Benkovac cultural center building, during the removal of the floor coverings on the ground floor, it was determined that the load-bearing walls of the building and the foundation structure did not meet the essential requirements of mechanical resistance and stability, and the construction was suspended.

After a thorough consideration, the Investor decided to proceed with the removal of the existing building and create an amendment to the Main design and obtain an amendment to the building permit.

From the existing building, a high-quality part of the basement walls with a thickness of 80 cm was kept, and everything else is done with new RC walls and block brick walls, with full RC ceiling panels.

The purpose of the building is social, with additional public facilities. On the ground floor there are a large and small performance hall with accompanying rooms, business premises, a cafe bar and the home's administration rooms, while in the basement there is a youth club, a common sanitary facility, and auxiliary and service rooms. On the first floor there are also rooms of various associations, the rooms of Radio Benkovac, the Pučko otvoreno učilište and the music school.