Hrvatska uprava za ceste
February 1996 – March 1997
  • Head of part of Structural Works and Precast Yard Manager for the Contractor


“Maslenica” bridge – main span 370 m, arch bridge with arch span of 200 m, arrow 60 meters, PGL line 90 meters above sea level. Arch construction was done by free cantilever method using stay cables in three stages; first anchoring position – middle of pier and back anchoring to the ground, second anchoring position – pier top and back anchoring to the ground, third anchoring position – top of temporary steel pylon 22 meters above PGL line and back anchoring to the ground. BBR post tensioning system used for anchoring, both ground and stay and backstay cables. Arch was consisted of 46 elements 5.0 m long each which were cast on special steel self moveable scaffold using free cantilevering method. 47th element was cast upon the completion of both arch legs (2x23 elements) and upon the completion of equalization of both legs levels as the wet joint. Ground anchoring of back stay cables was done by pre-stressed ground cables 27 to 30 m deep into the ground with anchoring zone of 16 m. Highest pier was 70 m high. Piers were designed as hollow section with pier cap 16 meters long resting on two piers beneath. Total number of 90 precast post tensioned girders were produced and installed by launching truss.